After demonetization, the Government of India has given thrust for cashless transaction to eradicate corruption and black money. To become a part of this campaign CORD organized this training for its team members to learn and start cashless transaction. More than 120 members participated in this training and practically learnt various modes of cashless transaction as follows:

  1. Internet banking
  2. Mobile Banking
  3. UPI (United Payment Interface)
  4. E-Wallet
  5. USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)

Shri Jitender Kumar Sharma, Chief Lead District Manager, Punjab National Bank and Shri Anuj Kumar, Senior Marketing officer PNB, Circle Office Dharamshala, were the resource persons for this program.  The resource persons emphasized that for cashless transactions, ATM cum Debit Card is necessary.  Hence each individual should have his/her own ATM cum Debit Card. Except 10-15 participants, all participants have their ATM Cum Debit Cards as for the past many years CORD has been mobilizing its workforce to have their own ATM cards.  Some participants had already started cashless transactions.  Dr. Kshama Metre, the CORD National Director, advised the participants that each participant should learn and start cashless transaction and contribute towards the removal of corruption in the country.  As a beginning of this auspicious work they could ensure her that they are practicing cashless transaction by donating one rupee to CORD through cashless transaction by their mobile phones till February 2017!