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The STARS Forum conferences and the knowledge based maintained through its website have enabled many partnerships and expansion of innovative livelihood interventions as well as skill training programs for example,

  1. Knowledge dissemination: Dr. P Kamalasanan Pillai of Vivekananda Kendra (Kanyakumari) gave a talk on Azolla as a high protein nutrient for dairy in the 2012 conference in Pune. This led to azolla adoption by Vigyan Ashram, which then made the technology available to many other affiliated organisations and propagated it through its IBT program.  Similarly this introduction also led to its widespread adoption in Himachal Pradesh by CORD, later expanding to Uttarakhand.
  2. Promoting innovative approaches:  Talk on innovation in agriculture through the use of Sea Salt and other low cost inputs by Shri Shrikant Pohankar at the 2016 conference led to workshops being organised in other states to showcase these techniques to farmers.
  3. Fostering Partnerships – A presentation on livelihoods opportunities in modern plumbing techniques by Dynanada Institute of Flow Piping Technologies in the 2014 conference, led to many organisational tie-ups that took this training to many parts of the country, enabling to many youth getting employed in the construction industry.
  4. Addressing issues of rural communities – Silage preparation techniques presented by Dr. Lal Singh of Himalayan Research Group at the 2014 conference to preserve fodder during winter months, was adopted and propagated through Vigyan Ashram and other STARS Forum affiliates to address fodder availability concerns in their states.

The above examples show the power of networking, collaboration and partnerships fostered by an umbrella organisation like the STARS Forum.

Success Stories

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