Raji Joshi

Dalki Bai’s condition worsened as the day progressed. The 60-year-old had been sick with high fever the past week and had been confined to her bed, unable to even move around. She lives in Manpur, a village in the Salumber block of Udaipur, almost 100kms from the city.

Jhumli Bai is an experienced community volunteer from Aajeevika Bureau’s Basic Health Service (BHS) branch, who ensure quality health care to migration-dependent and vulnerable households. The operations of BHS and Aajeevika are co-located. Jhumli Bai regularly visits local homes. It was during such a visit that she noticed Dalki bai’s condition. Jhumli Bai was equipped with the medicine kit for symptomatic COVID patients that she had received from Amrit Clinic in Manpur. She explained the possibility of an infection, the need to isolate herself and suitable home remedies to Dalki Bai and her family. She also asked the family to inform her in case Dalki Bai’s condition worsened.

Two days on, Dalki Bai started experiencing shortness of breath. Her family wasted no time in taking her to Amrit Clinic. At the clinic, they tried to stabilize her condition. On the advice of the doctor on call, they put her on oxygen and was transported to the COVID care centre in an ambulance. Dalki Bai was admitted immediately and was cared for round the clock, during her three-day stay there.

Dalki Bai, who was discharged after she was completely cured, did not forget to visit Amrit Clinic to thank the team. Ramlal, our health worker who dropped in to check on Dalki Bai a couple of days ago found her healthy and beaming as she sat at home cleaning wheat.

Aajeevika Bureau also works with migrant labourers, who returned to their villages in a hurry forgoing their wages during the pandemic. The workers can use the bureau’s helpline and seek help to get their salaries.  More importantly, Aajeevika guides them in starting their own self-earning activities such as, tailoring, running tea stalls etc., thus making them self-reliant.

Disclaimer: Names of people have been changed to protect privacy.

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